Monday, April 21, 2014

Easter 2014

We had a very nice Easter! 
We dyed some Easter eggs. Lots and lots of Easter eggs. Two days of dying Easter eggs. 
Both kids love dying Easter eggs!
They were very proud of their creations! 
They also enjoyed the egg hunt! Maryam would have been fine sitting and reading a new book she found in her basket, but we convinced her that the book would still be there after the hung. :)
Ready? Set? Goooo!
Found one! Now can I read? Ha! No. 
Jax kept looking and looking! 70 Easter eggs total. 
Commence reading!
Then we had brunch with the rest of the family! Brett's sister and her family came down. We had fun!
Maryam with her cousin, Patrick. 
All five cousins!
Jax with broccoli and Cool Whip all over his face. 
Maryam shopping after brunch. :)

We're heading out camping today. We'll be gone all week. It's our first family camping trip! It should be fun! Wish me luck, I hate camping. 

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Hiking in JTNP

Brett & I took the kids hiking yesterday up in Joshua Tree National Park. We did a new trail for us. We did a 2 mile, 2 hour hike to the old Wall Street Mill by Barker Dam. It was about an hour in, because we stopped and looked at many things along the way.
Here are the kids at the trail head. They liked this little Joshua Tree and requested their picture be taken with it. 
The desert is in bloom! We played a game of "find something yellow, find something white..." They had a great time looking for these fun colorful flowers. 
We found an old dilapidated car on our hike. We found some lizards running around on it, under it, and all around it. 
We also came across this old windmill. The kids used this stop for a water break. I'm not sure they really needed it because they had been drinking from their CamelBak the whole time. But I know their little legs do get tired!
Look at this beautiful flowering cactus the kids found! 
Here are the pictures from the mill. It was really neat! 
The actual mill. 
Reading the history of the mill with Daddy. Jax playing in the dirt because he's not that interested in history yet. ;)
We stopped here for a snack and even found a little lizard friend! 
We were also celebrating Maryam's "woulda shoulda" day! Seven years ago on March 22 our little Maryam was supposed to be born. But she decided being a December baby is way cooler than being an April baby. ;) Ha! 
Our miracle girl. 


Friday, January 3, 2014

San Diego trip, Day 1san

Brett & I took the kids & his parents to San Diego for a few days. We went to the Holiday Bowl Big Bay of Balloons Parade on Monday morning. It was fun! We took the trolley to the bay and then watched the two hour parade. 
Watching the balloon floats. 
Sitting on Daddy waiting for Thomas!!
Waiting at the trolley station. Their poses are killing me!
After the parade we had lunch with our friends Kyle, Amy, & their daughter Kaylee at a fun place called Fudruckers! 
Kaylee and Maryam!
After lunch Brett & I took our kids to visit their NICU. They sure were a hit! It's great to know that even after 7 years they still love their little Miracle Maryam!
Dr. Matt Sebald was one of Maryam's and Jax's doctors. He was head of the NICU by the time Jax was born. We LOVE him. 
After the NICU we checked into our hotel.  The kids took advantage of the 77 degree temperatures and the heated pool! They swam through nap time! Hehehe
Jax and Maryam in the pool. Jax flashing a "v" for victory!
The bunk beds in the kid suite. They had their own room with tons of floor space to play! 
The view from our room. In the distance is USD. San Diego sure is beautiful. We miss it!
Our friend Koz gave us four tickets to the Holiday Bowl! We didn't want to take Maryam out in the cold, damp night air, so we asked Brett's parents to go along. Jax was super excited to go to a football game!
Warming up with some cocoa! 
Chowing down on popcorn with Momom! Daddy told me that Jax was asleep during the 3rd quarter. :)
While they were at the football game, Maryam & I hung out with our friends Jennifer & Mike. Jen was one of the kids' nurses and even took care of me after Jax was born. They're amazing people. Maryam & I had fun catching up with them. 

Thursday, December 26, 2013


I think I will always be most thankful for my family and friends. For my husband. For my miracle baby. For the doctors and nurses that saved my life and the lives of my children. For the CHOC feeding clinic team. For Maryam eating orally and not having a G-tube. For Jax being born with a non-life threatening operable medical problem. For all these things that have shaped me into the wife, mother, friend, daughter, sister, aunt, & friend that I am today. For most importantly, going through all of it and learning the point of it all. To appreciate the good times, like these!
Yep, grateful. 

Christmas Crafts

The kiddos LOVE crafts. If I just say the word "craft" they get so excited!! So, we've done tons of Christmas crafts! Maryam's school even had a craft night and we went to that too. Crafts, crafts, crafts. 
These are the crafts from craft night at Maryam's school. They made ornaments and door hangers. They had a great time! 
Gingerbread house fun!
Painted masks! They later had a puppet show for Mommy that combined Frosty and Rudolf. It was really cute!
Decorating Christmas trees they cut from green construction paper. They used ALOT of glitter. They made a huge mess and had a great time! 
Painting a wooden stocking. Maryam made hers for Jax, even put his name on it. Jax made his for Mr. Bishop. Hehe So cute!
Making coffee filter snowflakes is my very favorite Christmas craft. I love making them! I love that we do it as a family. I love that they're always different! I love them! This year we used three different filter sizes, we had super large, regular, and tiny cupcake papers.  It was fun!