Sunday, October 12, 2014

Bridgeport Trip

The family went up to Bridgeport to watch Uncle JJ's change of command ceremony. We had fun! We went out for dinner for Trip'sbirthday too. The kids had loads of fun with their cousins. 
Our little family 
Our kiddos
Traveling. Jax gets car sick really bad. This is him asleep from the Dramamine. 
Breakfast on the lake 

Preschool graduation and First Grade Awards Assembly

Here are some pictures from May when Jax graduated from preschool. 
Our little family
Our little graduate
Jax and his Baby BFF, Squishy (Colin)
Maryam won an Outstanding Character Award at the end of the year awards assembly 
Mommy & Punkin

Thursday, May 15, 2014

First grade field trip

The first graders at Maryam's school took a field trip to the Living Desert. Fortunately my new job is flexible enough that I was able to go along! I love going to the kids' activities. I like watching them interact with other kids and seeing their faces when they learn something new. It's one of the better parts of being a parent. 
Here's the lunch bag Maryam made for her trip. So sweet!! 
Here we are watching an educational show. It was fun & informative. 
Isn't she just the cutest? I mean, seriously! :)
Maryam and some of her classmates. 
The elusive Big Horn Sheep!
There were three that made their way toward us. 
It was a good day. 

Sunday, April 27, 2014


We decided to take the kiddos to Disneyland to finish Spring Break. Apparently everybody else had the same plan! That joint was packed! Yowza!
Maryam & Auntie MayMay waiting in line at Pixie Hollow to meet Tinkerbell. Brett, Jax, & Mayda's son Austin rode Peter Pan while we did this. 
Maryam & Rosetta
Next we went to Star Tours, it's a family favorite!
After that we had a snack. Maryam likes the beignets at Disneyland and who am I to deprive her of such a delicious snack? 
Aftter snacks we went to the Royal Theater at the Princess Fantasy Faire and saw a Beauty & the Beast show. The kids really enjoyed it! 
When that was over we headed to Toon Town. The kids watched Who Framed Roger Rabbit on Friday and wanted to go see Toon Town today. 
Auntie MayMay held our place in line to see Mickey's Magic Map
Stage Show while we were in Toon Town. The showed ended up being very good. I highly recommend it! 
When the show was over we went to the Tiki Room and Big Thunder Mountain Railroad. It was the kiddos first time ever riding it! They loved it!! 
We had a great day! We're all sad to see Spring Break come to an end but we enjoyed every minute of it! 

Friday, April 25, 2014

Camping 2014

We're back from camping! It was the kids' first time camping and my first time camping in almost 10 years. I'm not a fan, but we had fun! We had 11 people and 2 dogs in our group. Brett's sister Brande and her family, JJ, Trip, Patrick, & Collin. And Brett's parents, Momom & Popop. Along with the four of us and Mr. Bishop. 
We went up to Joshua Tree National
park to a group site at Sheep's Pass. We had loads of space and we were tucked into a few rock piles. We had one really cold night but we were comfortable the rest of the time. 
We took the kids hiking, rock climbing, bouldering, played games, played catch, and they filled out a Junior Ranger booklet. 
Day 1
One family picture from the four days we were out there. What was I thinking?
The kiddos scoping out the joint from inside our tent. 
Jax, Maryam, & Collin on top of a rock formation. 
A cool silhouette shot I got of Maryam & a Joshua Tree. 
Collin giving Jax a ride.
Playing catch and enjoying the evening as the sun went down. 
We had a fun first day! The temps were warm, the kids were good, and fun was had by all. 
Day 2
The second day was a bit windy and much colder. Tuesday night was FREEZING. 
My nephew Patrick dug a big hole. 
We all went on a hike. I think this is the only picture I got of all five cousins together.
We saw a rattlesnake! 
Climbed on some rocks. 
And finished the day with some scary stories. Maryam's was the best! It featured a monster saying, Harry Toaaad, Harry Toaaad. It was ADORABLE. 
Another beautiful desert sunset. 
Day 3
We started day 3 with a short hike. That short hike took us across two snakes! We saw a Roseyboa and a CA Striped Racer. I'm not sure why but I didn't get a picture of the Racer! Weird. 
Cruising across the hiking trail. 
Maryam & Daddy at the end of the hike. 
Jax at the end of our hike. :) 
After lunch we went bouldering! This place was great! Brande wandered into a cave that went on and on. The kids loved it! 
Here are Maryam & Jax inside the cave. They're holding hands inside of those two holes. We didn't find any evidence that anything was living in the caves here. They went through them three times!
Collin, Auntie Brande, Maryam, & Jax on top of a huge boulder. 
Maryam & Jax outside of the caves. 
Daddy & Jax chilling on a boulder. 
Here's the third snake we saw on Wednesday. This guy was in our campsite. He's a CA Striped Racer. He ended up going into this bush and we lost him. 
On our last night there Uncle JJ & Auntie Brande cooked us a feast! The kids ate really well. Both Maryam & Jax tried and liked corn on the cob. Maryam are a huge baked potato for the first time too!
Another beautiful desert sunset!
We ended the night with a family edition of Settlers of Catan. 
Day 4
Time to go home! But not without stopping at the visitor's Center so the kids could turn in their Jr. Ranger booklets. 
Getting sworn in.