Sunday, March 1, 2009


Maryam being VERY GOOD at being 2 years old.

Right now Maryam is sick. She started getting sick on Thursday and she doesn't seem to have improved much over the past few days. We're going to take her to San Diego tomorrow for her Synagis shot. I'm going to have the nurse listen to her lungs to see if she thinks its just a cold or if we need to have the doctor see her for something else. She hasn't been wheezing and her fever has stayed pretty low and goes away with a dose of Tylenol. My only real concern is that when her sinuses drain, they tend to drain into her ears. And that is how she gets her super yucky cruddy ear infections. So, wish us luck that Maryam doesn't end up with another ear infection.
When I get my computer up and running again, (I'm on my mom's laptop right now) I'll post some SUPER DUPER cute picture of Maryam and Anna in their fairy princess dresses, here is a little taste.
Last night Maryam said her very first complete sentence!!! Hooray! She said, "Mommy close the door." Normally she doesn't add the word "the". So of course, I wanted to text everyone I know, but it was 4:30am and thought it was rude...hehehe.

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