Monday, March 16, 2009

"Quick" trip to Great Gram's House

A couple cute Maryam stories:

Last week Maryam woke up from a nap, Yaya says, "are you up?" Maryam responds with, "no, I'm Maryam!" Ha!
You know you live in the desert when your daughter runs outside of Great Gram's house, sees grass in the yard and yells, "A park!"
Maryam has been on a "bless you" roll lately. If anyone within ear shot sneezes or coughs, Maryam says "bless you." She can be half asleep and in a different room, hear her daddy cough and say, with her eyes still closed, "bless you my daddy." This morning she tooted and said, "oh bless Maryam." Ha!

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