Monday, March 16, 2009

The Wild Animal Park

A lion stare glad there was glass between us!
Here are Maryam and Charlie posing by the "safe" lion. They loved looking at the animals on the tour. Maryam fell asleep towards the end of the tour. In her defense, she had just had lunch and it was her nap time. Ha! At one point on the trip the tour guide was pointing out a South African Water Buffalo when I turned to Maryam and said, "can you say buffalo"? Her response was, "no." And she fell asleep shortly after.
Here are the girls waiting to get on the animal carousel. Maryam wanted to ride a Panda Bear Animal and Sarah wanted Charlie to ride an elephant. Fortunately we were able to find them side by side! Hooray!

We had a great day. Yaya took the four of us out for a "fun girls day." I'm glad we all got to go.

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