Thursday, April 30, 2009

Quick update!

I would just like to quickly note that April 30, 2007 was the day we FINALLY brought Maryam home from the hospital. After 2 surgeries and nearly 5 months in the NICU it was great to not wear a yellow hospital gown when holding her.
Last year on this day I wrote a poem about how important this day is to us. I figured I couldn't beat it this year except to be able to report that Maryam consumed 409 calories orally today! That's the most she's ever taken in on any day in her whole life! What a way to pay tribute, right?
If you're interested in reading the poem I wrote last year just click here.

M has drank 140 mls of Pediasure today! And eaten 92 cals in baby food!! That's 232 cals orally today! Hooray!!!!
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  1. That is AWESOME!!! Please fill me in on the secret~! LOL!!!

  2. YAY Maryam!!! :)
    So, happy to hear how well she's eating. :)

  3. I went back and read the poem and looked at the pics - she has come a HUGE way since last year, with the o2 and eating and everything. Yeah Maryam! What a year this has been for you!