Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Back in OC

We're back in Orange County after a long weekend at home. Saturday Maryam enjoyed eating and drinking for a crowd. She even cheered for herself when she finished the contents of her Honey Bear Cup. I learned a few basic breakfastn and lunch recipes from the High Calorie cook book the dietitians gave me. One of which was a pureed hot dog! Crazy, huh?

One trend that I noticed over the weekend was that on days Maryam drank well she ate poorly and on days she ate well she drank poorly. I have to figure out how to make her eat and drink well on the same day. But if I knew that I could probably get a job on the feeding team!

Maryam had therapy today with wonderful Hemma. Hemma was pleasantly surprised by how well Maryam took a bite, chewed it and swallowed it down. I guess watching what she taught Maryam to do made her happy. I could see her beaming with pride. And Maryam drank like a champ! It was a great session.

I know i've been promising photos and have yet to come through. My apologies. Our schedule is nuts! If you have a minute click on Christi's Blog on the right and you can see some photos from Saturday.

In non-Maryam related news, Brett and I are happy to report that welre having a boy!

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