Tuesday, January 18, 2011

California Adventure

We left Disneyland around 2 or so and headed over to California Adventure. For some reason I didn't take any pictures with my camera for the first 3 hours we were in the park. We met up with Chrissy and Kelly for about an hour in Bug's Land. The kids rode the rides there that they wanted and we headed over to Paradise Pier to go on Toy Story Mania and Mickey's Fun Wheel. Chrissy and her family headed over to Disneyland.
These two pictures are of Jax laying on Daddy. We waiting in the Toy Story Mania line for about an hour. Maryam insisted! Its one of her favorite rides. Jax was good, he was just getting tired.

Here is Jax and Daddy in Mickey's Fun Wheel and Mommy and Maryam sitting across from them. Maryam likes going in the swinging cars instead of the stationary cars. I think its because she likes to yell "Weeeeeee" as the cart slides down the rails.
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