Saturday, February 26, 2011

Grandpa Langdon

Last Saturday the Langdon family lost its Patriarch. Grandpa Howard Wilson Langdon died peacefully in his sleep after losing his battle to bladder cancer.

Here are some of the nice things his family had to say about him after his passing:

Grand daughter Kristina Burnett:
I'm glad my Grumpy is finally at peace...I loved the way he snored like a bear, how he played walrus with us in the pool, that he let us have the olives from his martinis, that he thought eating fish was gross too, his sense of humor, laugh and the way he told jokes. I loved how he loved Me-Me and all of us, and I love you, Grump.
Grand daughter Laurie Burnett Powers:
Lost the most amazing leader of the Langdon family today. I named him 'Grumpy' when I was little and the name stuck. He and my Grandma are responsible for 3 incredible children and all of us cousins and our children - what a wonderful legacy he has left for the world... We need to carry on his name in laughter and spirit every day. I will miss you Grumpy - you made my world a better place!
Grand daughter Terra McQuillen Latterell:
I love you, Grumpy. Forever in my memory will be your stunningly clear eyes, your hearty, rugged laugh, that you were the only person who could call me princess and get away with it, your unbelievable adoration of MeMe even as you waited more than 20 years to be with her again...finally, you are with her now
I think these ladies said it best.

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