Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Before surgery

This morning has been difficult.  Maryam started crying when she woke up and didn't stop until she was playing with some blocks. In between that she got dressed, took a shuttle from RMH to CHOC, checked into the hospital, was brought to the Short Stay wing, had vitals taken, and put into a room. She cried for easily 45 minutes. It was brutal.
At 7:50 her nurse brought her an oral sedative called Versed. After about 15 minutes her words started to slur, she couldn't get past C when singing her abc's, she couldn't sing Twinkle was amusing. After she was really "drunk", I laid her on the gurny and put her in the hospital gown. At that point she couldn't speak anymore. She just laid there smiling at us.
At 8:40 she was taken into the OR. Hopefully everything goes smoothly. 

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