Monday, March 28, 2011

Bouldering in Joshua Tree

We went bouldering in the Joshua Tree National Park at a location called, "Skull Rock." You can kind of see the skull looking rock in the background. This was Maryam and Charlie's first time bouldering and they LOVED IT! If you don't know what "bouldering" is, it probably means you didn't grow up around JTNP. Bouldering is when you climb on boulders and jump from boulder to boulder well above the ground. Its scary to watch your child do. So, after I got sufficiently nervous, I returned to the car and left the girls in the very capable hands of their fathers. Sarah returned to the car too, but I think she did that because she was cold, I can't remember. Lesson of the day, do not take a 29lb 18 month old or a 26lb 14 month old bouldering.
Maryam up on a boulder.
Charlie up on a boulder.
Brett helping the girls up on a boulder.

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