Thursday, March 3, 2011

Got a date

Maryam's surgery is scheduled for March 30th. Brett and I are planning on taking her to Orange County the night before and spending the night at the Ronald McDonald House. HOPEFULLY all will go perfectly and we'll be heading home 5 to 6 hours after she comes out of surgery. I'll update the blog throughout the day so our family and friends can be aware of her progress.
I have mixed feelings about this. I'm glad that her tummy will be closed and this will be the end to this long chapter of her life. However, I'm scared too. I'm petrified of anesthesia, and I'm equally petrified of the psychological ramifications surgery is going to have on Maryam. She's already terrified of going to the doctor. This is just going to amplify her fear. Ugh, wish us luck.

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