Wednesday, March 30, 2011

In her room

Maryam is in her room. She's resting comfortably. It took her quite a bit longer to wake up than anyone anticipated. The anesthesiologist came into recovery, looked at her eyes, listened to her breathe and determined it was indeed the Demerol keeping her asleep.  Before he left he commented again (for the 3rd time) how great she looks for a 25 weeker! He attributed technology, strong will and parenting. I think hr will and technology did most of the work.
Right now she's laying in bed and watching Tangled. She keeps asking for her IV to come out and to go home. At 1:30 she'll get to have clear fluids. If she tolerates that she'll be discharged by 2:30. Thankfully, she's breathing great, she doesn't have a fever and she's not too stressed.

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