Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Sick babies

Its been one of those nights again. We're on the 3rd night of miserable babies. I guess it should be expected,  winter is no friend to preemies or people in general. I don't think I know anyone who doesn't have a family member with a runny nose, cough or aches.
Sunday night Maryam was up most of the night coughing. Her coughing was so bad her tummy was leaking like a broken faucet.  Last night Jax kept waking himself up. If it wasn't from his cough it was from not being able to breathe because of his stuffy nose. Tonight both babies are having trouble. Jax more so than Maryam, but they're both having a rough night. Maryam got up and said, "I need to hold you because I don't feel good." I gave her some TLC and an albuterol treatment and rubbed her back until she was asleep again. Then Jax woke himself up coughing.  He whined a bit in his crib and I thought he was asleep when I heard a loud thump and Jax screaming.  Turns out Mr. Bishop went to investigate why Jax was upset and I think he scared Jax. Right now Jax is asleep in my arms and Mr. Bishop is at my feet.
Mr. Bishop is sick too. He hasn't eaten today and he keeps throwing up. Yea, its been one of those nights.
Right now the only person in our family not sick is Brett! Thankfully he's at work. Hopefully he can stay healthy and the kids and I can get healthy too. 

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