Monday, June 6, 2011

Saturday afternoon

After Jax's nap I took the kids over to my parent's house to go swimming. At first Jax wasn't a big fan. He kept saying out, out, out or all done. It was cute, but I didn't give in. I told Maryam about how last summer one of her favorite things to do was to jump off of the edge of the pool and into my arms. She decided that it sounded like fun and went for it! Well after Jax saw that he just had to try it too! After that they were jumping in at a pace I could barely keep up with! Jax hasn't quite met the jumping milestone, so for him its more like he's walking into the pool more than anything else.
After swimming Papa made the kids hot dogs. Maryam ate 2 and Jax ate 1.5. I guess all that jumping and swimming made them hungry!!! After their snack, we headed to our friend Kelly's house so Maryam could play with Anna and Jax could play with Colin.
Saturday night both kids were asleep before 9pm. SUCCESS. :-)

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