Thursday, July 7, 2011

Busy weekend

I don't need to make weekend plans because we always find fun things to do! Brett worked most of the weekend so the kids and I kept ourselves busy. Saturday morning we went to the farmer's market in Joshua Tree. The kids love the market! Jax samples all the fruit and M likes talking to the people and walking around. She also likes giving the money when we buy our fruits and veggies.
After Daddy headed to work, I took the kids to see Hoodwinked Too. I knew it was a bad sign when we showed up 10 minutes late and the theater lights were still on. Yikes. Apparently the movie reel came unwound. They announced they were going to show Thor instead and we got our money back and left.
Instead of going home, we headed to Papa's for a swim. The temp was a warm 89 degrees! Papa got in to swim with us. Maryam loves when Papa goes swimming.
Sunday morning we played some board games. We played Yatzee Jr (Toy Story 3 Edition), Candyland (Disney Theme Park Edition), and  Kerplunk (Toy Story Edition). After that we moved on to Wii Just Dance for Kids. After lunch and naps we headed over to Papa's house to go swimming. The Duncan family came over to go swimming with us. It was fun!!!!
We finished up the night at Kelly's house. The kids played with sidewalk paint, balls and ride on toys. When we got home at 10pm I gave the kids a bath, put them in bed and took some time to work on a craft. I made a tablecloth. Why not?
Enjoy the pictures!

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