Thursday, July 21, 2011

Off to TN!

So I booked a flight that was supposed to have a stop in Denver and then continue on to Nashville without having to change planes. Well "supposed to's" don't always happen. We landed in Denver and had to change planes. Thankfully they brought my stroller up to use for the plane and gate change. Turns out we had to go across the entire terminal.
Looking back it was a good thing. Maryam and I got to go potty and I was able to change Jax's diaper. The plane didn't serve milk, so this plane change also gave me the opportunity to pick some up for the next and longer leg of our trip.
The trip from Denver to Nashville wasn't as smooth as the first flight. Neither child slept like they did on the first flight. I hooked up a Rango on the DVD player for Maryam to watch and that kept her pretty occupied. Jax played peek-a-boo with the children behind us and then flirted with the women across the aisle.
Jax was his usual "handful" self. He only pulled my hair a few times and head butted me 3 times (I think 2 of the 3 were accidental). I brought several surprise toys and those kept him pretty busy. With about 45 minutes left in the air Jax decided to poop. That wasn't pleasant for anyone!  Ha!
We landed and were met by Auntie Sarah and Uncle Scott. Maryam ran down the terminal into Sarah's arms when she saw her.
When we got home Charlie woke up to play with Maryam and Jax! That was great!! It took a few hours for everyone to calm down and get to sleep, but it was fun watching them. 

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