Sunday, July 31, 2011

Tennessee Day 9

Today was Auntie Karen, Uncle Tom, Auntie Kathy and Eric's last day in TN. They decided to hit up The Grand Ole Opry.  I was shocked to see that all the businesses in the area are still closed from the flooding last year. Apparently the Opry is open only because so many country musicians donated money to renovate it and reopen.
When we got home to the kids we all went out to dinner. Scott's folks Ernie and Janette came along too! We went to a local place called Demo's. Good food.
On the way home it started raining. We let the kids dance in the rain. They danced for 3 songs. Apparently it was Charlie's first time dancing in the rain!!! It was still 90 degrees outside and the rain felt nice. :-)

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