Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Shanoian Family Reunion

My cousin Amanda...such a cutie!

Amanda and Auntie Lynn (Pretty, pretty Auntie Lynn is what she goes by in my house)

Maryam eating an ice cream cone. Cousins Frances and Anna took all the wee ones down to get an ice cream cone! They're so kind and BRAVE.

Cousin Chad lecturing about who knows what and his beautiful wife Rose Marie listening with joy.

Yaya, Auntie Kathy and my babies actually sitting and watching the baseball game.

Uncle Justin and Maryam.

Cousins Renee and Britney

Cousin Shelley, the wonderful woman who made it all possible. She single handily organized this whole chin dig! Apparently there were 73 people in attendance. Unfortunately not everyone could come, but there was quite a turn out!

Cousin Julie. She's pretty rad.

My little family amongst the big family. I have to admit that being with my extended family was really strange without my Grams being there. My Grams' sister Auntie Isabelle was there and I had a hard time even saying hi to her because she looks so much like my Grams did! All that aside, it was a wonderful night. We really do come from some really great people. I don't know very many people who can say they know their 5th cousins...Ha!
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