Monday, October 24, 2011

Palm Springs Air Museum

Popop took us to the Palm Springs Air Museum a couple of Saturdays ago. The kids had a great time and Jax was in awe the whole time.

Here are the kids in front of a model aircraft carrier. Or as Jax would say, "A big boat!"

Here is Popop, Daddy, Jax and Maryam posing by a plane.

Here is a picture of Jax and Maryam walking around the hanger. Jax kept pointing and saying, "Another one! Look Mommy! Another one! Look Daddy, another one! Maryam, Maryam, Maryam, another one! Popop another one!" You get the idea.

The above picture captures his awe. He had his arms spread as wide as can be and would say, "Look at all these air planes!" It was great!

Here the kids are standing next to a propeller.

Above they're looking at model planes. The entire collection is from one man. He built them and donated the display to the museum. Sorry I didn't get his name.

Here is Maryam pretending to perform for the USO. :)

Here is Maryam and Jax posing by a plane.

Here everyone is outside watching airplanes take off from the Palm Springs airport. Jax got a kick out of it! He'd say, "Here comes another one....VROOOOOOOOM!"

A helicopter. Another of Jax's favorite things.

The family by a plane.

Daddy and Jax by a plane.

Daddy and Jax in a cockpit.

Maryam in a fire truck.

Jax and Maryam next to a statue of a pilot. I personally think it looks like the pilot is doing a bad Heisman pose. Popop says its a pilot explaining an air maneuver. I think he's right, but my guess wasn't bad. :)
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