Thursday, December 8, 2011

SDSU Football game

Popop, Momom, Jax, Maryam and Daddy sitting in the seats watching the field fill up with the band, cheerleaders and football players.

It was a cold night! Everyone is bundled up.

Love my family.

Maryam had her head stuffed in the popcorn bucket. This was the 2nd bucket of popcorn the children had eaten.

Here Maryam is posing for a picture. She said she was "too tired to stand." Ha! Silly girl. We ran off to buy Daddy a Christmas present while he was chit chatting with Jarrod. (A friend from college) Both Maryam and Jax did REALLY well at the football game! I'm so happy they were able to sit there and watch! Of course it helped that SDSU scored 7 touch downs! Every time they scored a touch down fireworks were launched into the air! Jax isn't going to say no to that.
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