Sunday, December 4, 2011

Thanksgiving 2011

Here is Maryam and Jax enjoying the beautiful view of Saddleback Mountain from Aunt Miki and Uncle Crag's backyard. This view is AMAZING. We stayed outside until it was just too cold to stay out any longer.

Above we have Maryam with Aunt Miki and below we have Jax trying to get close to the dog. Those dogs scared the crap out of Jax. They barked at him until he cried! It was particularly bad if the dog got between Jax and Mommy!

Maryam posing for the camera...little ham.

Maryam with Popop and Momom.

Jax with Momom.

Dinner at the grownups table.

Dinner at the kids table. And Jax lounging on the couch.

Didn't last long...he fell asleep and went to bed.

Maryam hamming it up again! Below we have Aunt Pami and cousin Marcy.

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