Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Christmas Morning

Milk and cookies for Santa.

What our tree looked like before the children woke up.

Jax cannot believe how many presents there were!

Maryam loves her Little Mermaid doll. Mommy does too! She's just so pretty!!!

Maryam's "iPad" from Yaya. She LOVES it.

Maryam and her goods.

Maryam hugging her "wind up toy giraffe" from Santa.

Jax and his Washington football from Aunt Helen and Uncle Bob. Arguably one of his favorite gifts!

Maryam in the slippers she got from Auntie Brande and Uncle JJ.

Jax in his thinking cap from Auntie Brande and Uncle JJ.

Jax's Story Time book from Yaya and Papa.

Jax opening his bike from Auntie Karen and Uncle Tom.

Maryam playing with her wings, tiara and wand from Auntie Lynn and Uncle Justin. Jax, not being out done, found some old wings, a Rapunzel tiara and his wrench and was equally pretty.

Mr. Bishop. ;)
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