Saturday, February 25, 2012

10 days?

I just noticed that its been 10 days since I updated my blog!!! Bad Blogger!!!
This week was a busy week so here's the breakdown.
Monday we enjoyed the day off!! Maryam didn't have to go to school because of the holiday. It was awesome. We played games, played outside and had a fun family day!
Tuesday we had another fun day. It was icky weather though so we spent the day indoors. I don't think the kids ever got out of their pajamas!!! It was a fun pajama day.
Wednesday I took the children to Disneyland to meet up with Maryam's NICU roommates. Jackson and Tyler celebrated their 5th birthday surrounded by family and friends. They're cute and super sweet. We had a fun time. After Jen emails me some photos I'll post them.
Thursday we spent the day at Momom and Popop's house with Auntie Brande and the boys. They had fun riding bikes, scootering, playing video games, coloring, building with Tinker Toys and rough housing. It was a super fun day!
Friday the kids and I headed up to Merced to visit Auntie Karen, Uncle Tom, and Auntie Kathy. It was a rough trip but we made it!! Friday night we headed over to my friend Debbie's house for a few hours. Debbie is the sister of my best friend from college, Katie. It was so nice to see them! The kids all played well together and my kids needed to play hard after a long car trip.
Saturday morning at 4 am Maryam woke up sick. She started coughing out of control. I had to give her 3 breathing treatments from 4am to 7 am. It was rough! Of course all the coughing and the noise from the nebulizer woke up Jax. It was not fun.
Around 11 Katie came over to visit!! It was so nice seeing her. I've missed her so much!
Around 12:30 my Auntie Susie and cousin Amanda came to visit and by 1:00 my cousins Ken and Marietta were here. Soon after they arrived we all had lunch. By 2:30 Maryam and I were on the way to the ER. Marietta joined us for company. :)
The ER at Merced Mercy Hospital was AMAZING! They had a neonatologist come down and check her out. It was pretty awesome. We were in and out in about an hour. The doc was awesome. He told me that I was doing everything right, to keep doing what I'm doing and diagnosed Maryam with an upper respiratory infection. :( It could definitely be worse!!!
After everyone had gone home Eric and I played game after game with the children. They were passed out by 9:30. Mommy win.

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