Thursday, February 2, 2012

Park fun

Look at my big brave boy climbing too high, jumping too far, and sliding too fast. Seriously! Every time we go to the park I feel like I'm having a little heart attack when I see Jax do something at 2 that Maryam didn't do until she was 4. It's a tad unnerving.
Maryam is fun to watch at the park. She runs around playing Princess or Monster or sometimes combines the two. She's always meeting a new friend. Unfortunately when she's playing tag or chase with a boy Jax gets very upset. I had to stop him from trying to kick and punch a boy for chasing her. He stood in the boys path and screamed at the top of his lungs, "That's my Maryam!!! Leave her alone!!!". Then he took a swing and missed and then tried again and I caught his arm before the punch landed on the kids little face. Jax is very possessive.

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  1. They are sooo big from when I saw them! wow! beautiful kids!