Monday, February 27, 2012

Parks, Trains, and Animals

Today after I dropped Auntie Karen off at Dialysis, I took the kids to two parks, the train station and the zoo!
We started at Rahilly park where the kids played on the jungle gym and swings. Jax chased a few squirrels, poor squirrels. There were some walking paths throughout the park so we took a walk too. They loved it! They played with dogs that were out for a walk, kicked rocks, had a sword fight with sticks and chased some more squirrels. :)
After the park I took the kids over to the train station so they could see a real train. They were so excited when an Amtrak train pulled in! Jax let a very loud "Wooooooaaaah!!". It was awesome. They both waved to the conductor when she came out. Jax must have said "All aboard!" 20 times! They waved when the train departed the station. As that train left a very loud freight train pulled in. Every time the horn blew both children covered their ears. It was cute. They loved it!
Once the trains were on their way we headed to Applegate park to check out the zoo and play some more. We cruised through the zoo fairly quickly and then headed to the playground.

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