Sunday, March 18, 2012

ER visit

It's not a holiday for my little family unless someone ends up in the ER. Ha! Early Saturday morning around 3:00, Jax woke up screaming his little head off. He sounded so terrified that I thought someone was taking him from his room. I ran in as fast as I could and was relieved to see him but immediately scared again. I realized it wasn't terror, it was agony. He was in pain. He was sitting on his bed bawling and trying to say his belly hurt. I'd never seen him like this. He complains all the time that his belly hurts and I was going to take him soon, but I hadn't yet.
I woke up Brett and we agreed to take him in. He had complained earlier in the day that his tummy hurt and he had been complaining almost daily for a week or more. Nothing major, no crying, just, Mommy, my belly hurts. After that he'd run off and play again.
Long story short, after blood work, X-rays, 2 failed IV placements, meds that he spit out and hours of waiting, the doc ordered a CT scan. Around 7:45 Jax was taken in for the scan. Brett said he was very brave and said the machine looked like Star Wars. (cue proud daddy smile)
The results of the CT scan were moderate to severe hydronephrosis of the left kidney. DAMMIT! That's what he had surgery for when he was 8 months old! But it ruled out an appendicitis. Yay! The radiologist also saw a mass in his left groin that he suspected was an testy that hadn't descended. Umm, no. He has both testies. So, great. Something new to worry about.
We finally got discharged around 9 with orders to call his urologist and pediatrician. We have an appointment with urology in April so I'm going to call Monday to see if we can move it up.
Around 1:00pm it happened again. He was just sitting there when he started to scream that his belly hurt. Only this time he said his back hurt too and pointed to the exact spot where his scar from his kidney surgery is. Oh boy. It was tough. Not being able to comfort him is a terrible feeling. I tried giving him some Motrin, he wouldn't take it. I tried his sippy cup w/milk, he wouldn't take it. The only thing that helped him was laying in his bed on his right side. After he calmed down he fell asleep. He was so tired from being up at 3:00 am that he slept 4 hours. I woke him at 5:00 for dinner. Poor baby boy.
He had another "attack" this evening too. (Sunday) Poor baby was doubled over and crying. He was begging for me to take him to the doctor. He just ran to his room and laid down in his bed. After about 30 minutes or so he stopped crying and seemed fine. Then he said his belly hurt again but wasn't crying anymore. It's very confusing. I guess it means that he experiences different degrees of pain. Poor baby boy.

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