Sunday, March 18, 2012

Working/playing outside

Daddy pruning the Spanish Daggers

The children playing with Jax's back ho toy.  Notice they're both wearing helmets.  I'm not a paranoid nut case mom, they were riding their bikes and scooters right before they started playing in the dirt.  :)

I'm totally digging this time change.  The kids get to play outside much later. They can come inside for snacks, lunch, naps and dinner and they run right back out and play again! Its been great!  They've been playing in the mud, dirt and water.  I don't care because they take baths every night.  They love water.  Maryam has taken an interest in watering the trees, so that's been fun teaching her about why we water them, how to water them and when to water them.  She's a little sponge, when she's paying attention. ;)
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