Monday, August 6, 2012

Sea World with Cousins

 Watching the trainer feed some penguins.
 Hand-in-hand with her new cousins.
 Kaitlin the natural born babysitter hanging with her cousins. 
 Jordyn and Maryam.
 Kaitlin and Jax.
 Mommy and Maryam watching Shamu.

 Kaitlin and Maryam.
 Daddy and Jax.
 A shark!
 Maryam wearing a flamingo hat.  So silly that I HAD to take a picture! Ha!
 Sea Turtles!!
On Friday we took the kids to Sea World.  We met up with Brett's cousin Laurie, her husband Zak and their two children Kaitlyn and Jordyn.  They're a real fun family!  We were selected to go in the back of the Penguin Encounter and actually pet a penguin!  None of us had ever done anything like that before, so it was really cool.  The exhibit was super cold.  We were dressed for 80 degree weather and it was 27 degrees in the exhibit.  Jax was the first to complain he was cold. Ha!

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