Tuesday, August 7, 2012

The Duca Wedding

Brett's cousin Kristi got married on the beach at the Hotel Del Coronado.  It was beautiful.  Easily one of the best weddings I've ever been to.  Brett says its his favorite wedding, besides ours of course. It was lovely. 
After the ceremony we had dinner at a restaurant across the street from the hotel called The Boat House. Our family took up the entire top floor of the restaurant.  Maryam discovered the magic of the chocolate fountain and now asks for one everyday.  I think we're going to buy one to have at the kids' birthday parties!  Everyone had a wonderful time.
 Aisle decorations.
 Maddy and Jax playing in the sand before the ceremony started.
 Maryam playing in the sand.
 Ian, the groom, escorting the moms to their seats.
 The "Best Man". Hehe
 Matron of Honor.
 Flower Girl
 Flower Girl
 Watching his bride.
 Father of the Bride and the Bride.
 Enjoying the chocolate fountain.
 Jax crashed out above.  Below is the only picture Brett and I got with the bride and groom.  Not my best picture, but who cares? Its about them, right? Ha!
It was a great experience for me because the only other time I've met this side of Brett's family was last summer at Grandpa Langdon's memorial.  So it was nice to hang out for a happier occasion. We all agreed we should get together again soon, and not for an "end". 

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