Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Christmas Eve

 Opening a gift from Auntie Sarah and Uncle Scott

 Opening gifts from Aunt Helen and Uncle Bob.
 Opening gifts from Baby Brooke
 Showing off their gifts from Baby Brooke

 Excited to have her very own MP3 player!
 Jax super excited about another Hot Wheels race track. 
 The milk and cookies the kids put out for Santa
 Daddy putting together Jax's Monorail.  Its the ONLY thing he asked for from Santa.  And he asked ALOT! Every time he saw Santa, in the letter to Santa, or whenever he saw Santa on TV, he'd tell me!
 The characters going for a ride in the Monorail.
Our tree! I think it looks pretty good!

So, in our house Christmas Eve is when we open all the gifts from friends and family.  And Christmas morning is reserved for gifts from Santa! Its pretty awesome!  The kids get to spend the evening playing with their gifts.  They did take a break for church and dinner, but they were right back at them again in no time.

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