Thursday, December 6, 2012

Decorating our Christmas Tree

The first that goes on the tree is all the lights. Secondly the tree skirt. Third the train. After the train we have to take a looooong break so Jax can play with and admire the train. ;)
Finally we get to ornaments. As you can see from the picture, the bottom front of our tree is fully covered! Both children enjoyed placing their ornaments on the tree. They asked who gave them each ornament. They asked if it was from when they were a baby. And Jax had to play with all of them before designating them to their branch.
The picture of the little starfish in the middle of the tree is an ornament that Brett gave me when we were seniors in high school. It's 19 years old!!! Love that.
I got a new bright pink sequins tree skirt and pink sequins picks to come out of the top. I got pink and green glitter picks and snowflakes to add more color to the tree. I love it. However, I still haven't taken a picture of the completed tree. Ha! Maybe I'll do that after there are presents under it.

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