Friday, December 7, 2012

Still sick

We had to cancel our big plans to hit up the Living Desert Holiday Lights tonight because both children are still sick. Maryam is needing breathing treatments every 4 hours and now Jax needs them too. Jax is a ball of need. He's so sad when he's sick. :(. He fell asleep during his breathing treatment tonight. Good thing too because he didn't want the breathing treatment. He's not a fan then again, he's not use to it like Maryam is.
Tomorrow we have a full schedule but if they're both sick, we may have to cut back on some activities. Tomorrow morning we're supposed to have breakfast with Santa at Applebee's, it's a PTO Fundraiser. After that Maryam's classmate is having a birthday party. After that we're doing a little family gathering for Maryam's birthday. After that there's the city light parade followed by the city winter festival. I think I'm going to have to cut out an activity or two for the children's well being.

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