Wednesday, January 9, 2013


Maryam had a pulmonary appointment Tuesday. Her doctor ordered a new prescription for Maryam's runny nose. She wakes up everyday with dried snot on her upper lip and nose. It's awful. She comes home from school with the same dried up snot. Her doctor said that if its everyday, all year, it's definitely an allergy. She recommends a hot bath everyday to help get the irritant out of her nose. Immediately following the bath she'll get a new prescription nasal spray. So far, the nasal spray has been very successful! Less runny nose all week and no gagging during or after the spray. Yay!
The doc also reminded me that yes Maryam has outgrown most of her major pulmonary issues but she'll always be more susceptible to pneumonia and bronchitis. She told me not to ever expect a winter where Maryam doesn't get sick.
She also helped me out with the steroid issue. She told me to go ahead and start steroids after only 24 hours of distress. Before we had to wait 48 hours. It was awful knowing that just one dose of steroids would make her feel better and help her breathe but the doctor's order was to wait 48 hours.
It was a good appointment!
The photos are from earlier that day when the kiddos were waiting for Yaya to get out of her doc appointment. There were pine trees everywhere so they decided to collect all, yes ALL, of the pine cones. They had fun! The power of distraction works like a charm. ;)

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