Sunday, February 3, 2013

Our weekend

It was in the 70's this weekend! We took advantage of the warm weather by playing for hours out in the backyard on Friday. Spending over 3 hours at two different parks on Saturday. Then the kids played outside for hours again on Sunday. It really was great being outside!
Jax is going through something. He spends hours a day literally on top of me. He goes from on my lap to on my shoulders. He doesn't want to leave my side for too long. I think he may be subconsciously scared that I'll leave like Daddy did. He hasn't said it, but I'm leaning towards that being the reason for his new obsession w/Mommy. Poor little guy.
Brett says he's doing well in Tennessee! We reserved our moving truck. He picked March 15th for the pick up date but that can change very easily. Don't worry, we won't be moving without giving everyone due notice. :)

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