Wednesday, March 27, 2013


I took my children to LegoLand because they had been begging to go since last summer. That place is super cool! And compared to Disneyland, a BARGAIN! They both loved it! Maryam liked it a little more do than Jax, but that is mostly because she likes roller coasters and went on 3 there! Jax stopped after the first one. I really only think he went on it because it was called the Coasterasaurus and had Lego dinosaurs around it.
But my children went on almost all the rides and loved checking out the mini worlds of Legos. Their favorites were the Star Wars scenes. They were both scared of the life size Darth Vader and life size Darth Mahl. But other than that, they loved all the Star Wars stuff and requested I take their pictures with their favorite characters. :)

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