Saturday, May 11, 2013

Ice excavation

So I saw this Mommy blog on the Internet a while back with an idea for ice excavation. I decided to save it for a warm day. Finally a warm day arrived and I busted out my creations! 
Basically I took some Dollar Tree gems I had picked up specifically for this project and placed them in some Tupperware. Next I filled the Tupperware with water and added some food coloring! Last step was putting them in the freezer. Boom! 
Addison trying get her shapes out. 
Charlie having fun. 
An example of the ice. 
All four children moved to the ground for better leverage. 
Addison showing off one of her discoveries. 
Charlie showing of her find. 
Maryam chopping at her ice. 
Jax trying to warm his hands up. :)

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