Wednesday, June 5, 2013

A day at the lake

Last Sunday we headed out to Old Hickory Lake for a picnic and a day of sun! When we got there it was raining but it let up within a half hour or so. The rain didn't stop the kids from playing in the sand and water though. 
Addison playing in the water
Charlie posing
Jax playing in the sand
Maryam & Daddy scoping out tadpoles 
Charlie & Maryam posing in the water
Jax playing in the sand
Addison playing in the sand
The family eating lunch
Jax trying to dunk a ball. He'd laugh when it popped up & hit him in the face. 
The daddies playing with their kids
Maryam & Jax playing in the water
Jax passed out within minutes of hitting the road. 

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