Sunday, June 9, 2013

Charlie Daniels Park

The kids asked to go to a different park one day. I didn't know of any other parks, but Uncle Scott suggested Charlie Daniels Park. It's in Mount Juliet, that's the next city West of Lebanon. So I loaded up snacks, drinks, scooters, helmets & the kids and took off at 9am Friday morning to go to the park. 
Their website said they had a skatepark there and my kids were SOOOO excited to try it out! But when we got there, I found a No Scooters Allowed in the skatepark sign. LAME! Maryam was so upset she nearly cried! I felt terrible. Fortunately they kept themselves busy on the playground. 
We stayed over 2 hours before the humidity just became too much for them. Once the, "I'm too hot to play!" complaints started, we took off. We stopped at Sonic for some slushes to help them cool down on the way home. 
We tried to go to the pool Friday afternoon, but about 10 minutes after we got there a storm hit. 
Enjoy the park pictures!

Addison & Jax on the teeter totter 
Maryam & Jax climbing a web
Charlie posing
The dreaded scooter NOT ALLOWED sign
Jax playing in the sand
Addison riding a toy
Big girls on the baby teeter totter
Addison & Jax on the tire swing
Addison at the top of the climber
Charlie posing on the twirly whirl 
Jax at the tippy top of the chain ladder
Jax playing with a very loud toy
Addison & Jax saying cheeeeese through a window on the slide
Maryam telling a secret
Addison monkeying around
Mommy & Jax 

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