Friday, June 28, 2013

Tough day

Some days with four kids can be rough. Having two three year olds and two six year olds has benefits too! Often times they get along great, behave well, and keep each other entertained. But sometimes, oh sometimes it's like all they want to do is disagree on everything, bicker over everything, and not behave at all. Two Tuesdays ago was one of those days! 
I took them to the library for the summer reading program activity and the Littles were up to no good. When we got home, they all four turned on each other. So, Mommy/Auntie Jennifer handed down the ultimate punishment, I took away ALL electronics! No TV, movies, iPad, DS, Innotab, Vreader, or my phone. You'd have thought I took away their thumbs. They were utterly bewildered. (Honestly I'm not sure who felt the punishment more, me or the kids!) 
I sat them on the couch and gave them a list of options. They looked at me like I was crazy when I suggested they play with the hundreds of toys we've spent thousands of dollars for them to have. Ultimately they ended up playing outside, doing crafts, playing board games, and having a dance party! When I suggested we have this kind of play day at least once a week they all got upset and thought they were in trouble! I still think it's a great idea!


Maryam's creation
Charlie's creation
Addison playing IN the water table ;)
Jax enjoying the sprinkler
Charlie did her own makeup
Dance Party!!!

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