Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Another busy weekend

On Saturday we headed down to Franklin for the day. I guess it's one of the oldest towns in TN. Of course we had the kids with us so we did the downtown retail stuff instead of the historical, cool stuff. 
In a toy store
At dinner
Charlie got her ears pierced! 
Eating frozen yogurt

In an oversized rocking chair
The sunset.
On Sunday we went to a water park called Nashville Shores. It's on a lake, has loads of water slides, a lazy river, and 5 pools. Too much water to keep my camera handy. So here are a few shots I got. 
Maryam showing off her new glasses! When I showed her this picture she said, wow! I look like a teenager! 
The kid zone. The kids spent hours here! They loved it!!
Maryam relaxing after a busy day. :)

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