Saturday, July 6, 2013

Jax had pneumonia

So Jax had this cough for over two weeks and I decided it was time a doctor have a listen to his lungs. I took him in on Tuesday and the doc heard something. We did a nebulizer treatment and hooked him up to a pulse oximeter. It wasn't good when poor baby Jax couldn't get up over 92%. :( 
So check out this penguin nebulizer! We respiratory moms went ape poop over this thing! I know because I texted this picture to all my mommy friends who use a nebulizer on their kids.
Jax getting a breathing treatment. It didn't work. :(
Chest x-ray time! He did great!!
They found icky stuff in his upper right chamber. Poor baby. 
Skip to 2 weeks later and he's almost better. Just a lingering cough. If you're wondering why he was in a bathing suit at the doc's office, it's because we were on the way to the pool when I decided he needed to be examined. Good call, Mommy. 

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