Wednesday, September 18, 2013

First day of school

This year we have a first grader and a pre-schooler! What fun & wonderful times! 
We had to spend the night at Brett's parents' house the night before because there was a power outage on our side of town. But we made it work! The kids woke up to an awesome banner & a delicious breakfast. 

Maryam picked out what dress was going to be her first day of school dress & Jax picked out what shirt he was going to wear. 

We took Maryam to school first because we knew dropping her off would be easy and uneventful. She liked her new classroom and teacher very much. 

After we dropped off Maryam we headed to Jax's preschool. We knew leaving him there was going to be challenging. He had been telling me all summer that he didn't want to go to preschool. 
I had an image in my brain that we'd walk hand-in-hand into the room, is cry my silent tears, he'd hug and kiss me and Brett, then we'd say bye and be on our way! Nope! When we got close to the gate he took off running! Hahaha

It took some coaxing, but he stayed. He didn't shed a tear. He tried very hard to be brave. 

Both children ended up having great first days and a great first week of school. 

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