Thursday, December 26, 2013

Christmas Crafts

The kiddos LOVE crafts. If I just say the word "craft" they get so excited!! So, we've done tons of Christmas crafts! Maryam's school even had a craft night and we went to that too. Crafts, crafts, crafts. 
These are the crafts from craft night at Maryam's school. They made ornaments and door hangers. They had a great time! 
Gingerbread house fun!
Painted masks! They later had a puppet show for Mommy that combined Frosty and Rudolf. It was really cute!
Decorating Christmas trees they cut from green construction paper. They used ALOT of glitter. They made a huge mess and had a great time! 
Painting a wooden stocking. Maryam made hers for Jax, even put his name on it. Jax made his for Mr. Bishop. Hehe So cute!
Making coffee filter snowflakes is my very favorite Christmas craft. I love making them! I love that we do it as a family. I love that they're always different! I love them! This year we used three different filter sizes, we had super large, regular, and tiny cupcake papers.  It was fun! 

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