Monday, April 21, 2014

Easter 2014

We had a very nice Easter! 
We dyed some Easter eggs. Lots and lots of Easter eggs. Two days of dying Easter eggs. 
Both kids love dying Easter eggs!
They were very proud of their creations! 
They also enjoyed the egg hunt! Maryam would have been fine sitting and reading a new book she found in her basket, but we convinced her that the book would still be there after the hung. :)
Ready? Set? Goooo!
Found one! Now can I read? Ha! No. 
Jax kept looking and looking! 70 Easter eggs total. 
Commence reading!
Then we had brunch with the rest of the family! Brett's sister and her family came down. We had fun!
Maryam with her cousin, Patrick. 
All five cousins!
Jax with broccoli and Cool Whip all over his face. 
Maryam shopping after brunch. :)

We're heading out camping today. We'll be gone all week. It's our first family camping trip! It should be fun! Wish me luck, I hate camping. 

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