Saturday, May 2, 2015

Maryam's birthday

We redesigned Maryam's room for her birthday. She's not a princess and Barbie kind of girl. She's a video games and books girl. I decided to embrace her passion and nurture her choices by designing her bedroom in Mario Kart decor! My BFF created the 8 bit pink toad 3D Art. Maryam's aunt Brande painted the red & green abstract toads& I did the star. Maryam's uncle Justin & Auntie Lynn got her the wall decals. Mommy made the quilt. The room looks great! More importantly, she LOVES it. 
Books from Auntie Sarah
Art from Chrissy
Milky from Momom, Popop, Uncle JJ, & Auntie Brande
Maryam blowing out the candle on her birthday fudge. 
Maryam& her BFF Anna

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