Friday, January 30, 2009

Good News....for a change! Ha!

Here is Maryam before the upper GI. She was playing in the waiting room with the stickers the receptionist gave her.

Here is Maryam after. She cried for hours. It was awful. She still hasn't stopped having diarrhea. I have an email into her doctor to see if its from the upper GI, which has never happened before, or if maybe she has a stomach flu.
We thought it would be fun to put one of the pictures from the upper GI on here. CRAZY! If you enlarge it, you can see her button actually going into her stomach.

The good news is that everything looks normal! Woohoo! The fundo hasn't loosened at all, no leaking and NO REFLUX! How RAD is that?

Now the EVEN BETTER NEWS! Our case worker from CHOC called today and told us that they managed to squeeze Maryam into an appointment on Tuesday!!!! So she gets to be seen next week instead of having to wait until the end of March or beginning of April! HOORAY!!!!!!! I'm so happy that I can hardly contain myself. Monday we have to go to San Diego for her Synagis shot (RSV shot) and then we'll be in OC on Tuesday. Hooray!!!

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  1. Hooray! That is great news!!! Let me know what happens! I can't wait to hear what CHOC has to say...hopefully all good things!!!!I hope Maryam feels better and you get some rest!

  2. Her little eyes broke my heart!