Sunday, February 1, 2009

Say your prayers!!!!

Charlie Mae and Maryam played together all day Saturday while their daddies worked outside trimming Yaya and Papa's Fruitless Mulberry trees.

Tomorrow we're taking Maryam down to San Diego for her February Synagis shot. This is her second to the last one! March 2nd should be her final Synagis shot for the rest of her life! Hooray!!!!!! Now let's just pray that she makes it through the season without contracting RSV. She is doing so well respiratory wise, I'd hate for her to have such a huge set back.
We'll being staying at Auntie Sarah and Uncle Scott's house in Elsinore before heading out to CHOC Tuesday morning. We're supposed to be there at 8am. The yucky part is that Maryam is a REALLY bad eater in the morning. I know, I know, I're probably thinking, she's a bad eater all the time, isn't she? And yes, you're right, she is! But the mornings are the worst!!!! If we're lucky, she'll drink a few ounces of water and eat maybe 5 Cheerios. She does her best in the afternoon and evening. I've been keeping a food log over the past few days that I have to email to CHOC tomorrow afternoon. Please pray that they accept her. This is it, this is her shot. Wish us luck!!!! I'll be sure to post Tuesday afternoon if we hear anything!

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