Monday, March 30, 2009

Disneyland Trip

Auntie Sarah, Charlie Mae, Yaya and Maryam on the tram into Disneyland.
Maryam hugging Yaya in the Play House Disney Show. Maryam and Charlie LOVED it! They danced and signed and waved hi to the different characters, it was fun to watch them watch the show.
Maryam LOVING Goofy. She walked up to him and said, "Hiya Goof!" It was hysterical.
Maryam and Mommy getting ready to board the tram to leave. We had a very nice day. There were millions of people there though! We had totally forgot that it is spring break time! DUH. We only went on two rides and only spent a few hours there, we didn't want to push our luck since there were so many people there.

Today we're heading down to San Marcos for Maryam's second to last Synagis shot. I'm less than excited about it. But so far they have worked! So I can't complain too much. I just know with Maryam not feeling well that the car ride is going to be miserable for her. We took her back to the doctor on Saturday morning because we couldn't get her fever to break, she has yet another ear infection. This morning is the first time in days where she hasn't had a fever. I hope that means that the antibiotics are working. Her doctor says that her allergies make her sinuses drain and hers tend to drain into her ears, which causes her ear infections. So, as long as she has allergies and her sinus drains the way it does, this is going to be a pretty regular occurrence. We're starting to reconsider the tubes.

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  1. She always looks SO happy. You are a great mom.