Sunday, January 30, 2011

Hike to Barker Dam

We decided to go on a hike today in the Joshua Tree National Park. We were supposed to go with the commune bunch, but we got there before them and Maryam didn't want to wait. We waited almost a half hour before taking off. We had fun with just the four of us though!
Brett and the kids posing for a pre-hike photo. Maryam has a map of the entire park. She insisted on taking it on the hike.
Here is my punkin and I before the hike. She's just so sweet!
Maryam loves posing by signs. I'm not quite sure why, but I took a picture of her by all the signs, because she would pose! She was so excited about going for a hike today! I made the mistake of telling her around 10 and we weren't going to go until 1pm. Ooops! She must have asked a million times when we were going until we were on the way.

Maryam and I at the water in front of the dam. Maryam did SO good! She kept asking to throw rocks in the water, so we let her throw a few before we hiked over to the dam. She thought the giant boulders were awesome!
Here is Brett and both kids by the water.
Here is Maryam way up on top of some rocks. It took them a few minutes to get up there, but look! She wasn't scared!
Brett bringing the kids back down the rocks.
Brett and the kids in front of the dam.
Maryam told me to take this picture because its a "pretty view!" LOVE her. The whole hike took about an hour. Towards the end the wind picked up and Maryam got cold. She also was complaining about being hungry. But I can't get mad about that! Ha! We fed her and then she was fine. Jax barely made a sound the whole time we were hiking. I guess he enjoyed the ride!
Petroglyphs in one of the areas that looked like it was once a shelter or dwelling. It was pretty neat!

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  1. WOW!! What a fn day! I'm so proud of little Maryam climbing up on those rocks... What an adventurous family!