Saturday, January 29, 2011

Playing outside

Maryam playing on the sand table. She loves this table. I can't wait until its a water table again. They LOVE the water table.
Not sure where Jax wanted to go, but he kept trying to open the car doors!
Here is Maryam riding her bike. She's doing a great job! Jax just follows her around.
Sidewalk chalk time!

Nothing new to report about Maryam's impending surgery. We haven't even heard from the surgery referral department at CHOC yet! So, I'll be calling on Monday to see what's going on. Knowing my luck, they're waiting on insurance approval.

Poor Jax has had a tummy bug for a little over a week. We've got him on pedialite right now. He's been drinking it for days. I'm trying to keep him hydrated through all the diarrhea. Its been over a week since he's had a normal diaper! Poor baby.
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